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Welcome to Cancun and the 2018 Level V Leadership Retreat!


To make sure your arrival goes smoothly, we have partnered with the transportation/concierge firm “Your Cancun DMC” to pick you up at Cancun International Airport and bring you directly to your hotel. Please fill out the registration form and Alex, our main contact, will group together as many passengers as possible per vehicle in an effort to minimize costs


Alex will send a confirmation number as well as airport procedures and once she has all the complete flight info will get back to you with more information in regards to your totals. Transportation will be private for the event but shared with the same guests for the Retreat. If you want your service private, please make sure you let her know to make those arrangements accordingly.


Main contact:

Alejandra Orozco

Phone numbers:

011 52 998 880 59 99 / 271 17 21 / 275 32 78



1 to 3 ppl $110 US Dlls. round trip per van

4 to 8 ppl $120 US Dlls. round trip per van

9 to 10 ppl $130 US Dlls. round trip per van

11 to 16 ppl $210 US Dlls. round trip per Sprinter

1 to 6 ppl $210 US Dlls. round trip per Suburban


7% Paypal fee is not included.

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